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    The Leading Provider of Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

    Who We Are

    Landmark Associates, Inc. is a modern and reliable transcription business located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Our team's goal is to provide you with quality transcription services in a timely and sustainable manner.

    What We Do:

    • Since 1987, Landmark Associates, Inc. has been a leading provider of transcription services with a focus on serving the academic and qualitative research markets.
    • We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely completed transcripts at an affordable price, so our customer can realize the maximum value for their dollars.
    • Landmark has completed work for over 80% of the major U.S. Universities, acclaimed Government Agencies and numerous Non-Profit Organizations.
    • Landmark uses modern technological processes to make sure your files are transcribed in an efficient, secure, and quick manner.

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    123 E. Baseline Rd Suite D105, Tempe AZ 85283

    (480) 922-1105

    Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (Phoenix Time)


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